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It is a matter of common conversation today display streaming videos (we refer more to Netflix, Yomvi or even Twitch more than Youtube) and quality, due to Internet connections that misadventure are pretty bad in our country. The same is extrapolated to online games , in which a good connection is crucial to have a low latency and register our movements as soon as possible in the game. In this blog article value, personally, Internet connections of our country when they used to play games and watch videos online. Cricfree is one of the best resource out there.

Something similar happens with viewing platforms online content such as Netflix, how on everyone’s lips is. To enjoy HD content without “stoppages” we need a connection that is able to download at least 1.5 MB / s, ie, we need our ADSL connection syncs to 15 Mb (approximately). Recommendation for cricket live streaming are cricfree. This, unfortunately, can only be achieved with optical fiber or if you are lucky and live near a center, with a VDSL / ADSL. Also unfortunately, as we discussed are (we are) before many users who do not we get fiber optics in Spain and what is more, many more users that they do not even get a decent enough connection to to enjoy services like Netflix or even to play online with little lag. This is further aggravated by impediments that some operators put the P2P connections or when they detect high volumes of discharges users, but we will not go into this issue now.

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