A bit about me. bloggity blog blog.

I have never had a site with personalized blogs before. I never felt like blogging either, but it seems like a nice medium to show off my awesome skillz. haha. umm… I think I will start this one with a bit about me.

Politically, I am a Moderate. Religiously I am a Christian, but I don’t talk religion with others. My family is a little… screwed over. My mother passed away a while ago, since then, well my family has been drifting. I try to keep my family together. sometimes I feel like the only link being pulled in three directions. So I get stressed out a lot. RP’ing is my release.

I love debating. talking about issues and everything. I do not enjoy debating with radical rightist or leftist who must have their point the most important. I am 18, and like to think I am wiser beyond my years. When I was younger, like 13, people told me I had an old soul. I have a girlfriend, soon to be fiance (wish me luck) and spend most of my weekends with her (therefore not here)

I am also an avid poet and writer. I will post a bit of my work one day, and I hope to get some great critiquing!

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