four points of collection of antique watch


First, the product phase is intact. First, pay attention to look for cracks, accessories are complete, whether accurate travel time, and choose the style peculiar, uncommon, or inlaid with jewels,Painted and enamel, etc., preferably from famous.

Second, the hands are assembled. Although there are many styles of watches and clocks hands, but their design and appearance should be coordinated. For example, the moon-shaped, diamond, peach Shaped, such as the different sizes or different styles pointer modification together, will not natural.

Third, whether the original case. Bottom of the table pots are generally marked with the manufacturer’s name, based on the identification of its text, can determine whether the original case.

The material is varied, with gold and silver in the manufacture of the case, as well as metal imprint, buyers should be aware of before buying.

Fourth, if the original movement. Most of the watch movement are engraved on the plywood manufacturer’s name, in the early pocket watch, the producer’s name will appear. In some the watch movement, a variety of numbers that people can see. These numbers, some said that the movement unified specification numbers, while others are expressed vintage label,this antique watch collection is helpful.

choose armani watches according to characteristics of summer


Points one: Material
Select suitable for summer wear the watch, the first natural to pay attention to the choice of materials. For the hot summer season characterized by easy sweating, quality silk, leather strap is best not to choose, not only worn on the hand is very hot, but will sweat soaked and dirty after distributing some pungent odor. The metal, ceramic material or rubber strap material is the preferred summer wear. Metal and ceramic materials are cold to the touch and features rubber material Naicao make these watches are becoming the choice for summer wearing a watch.

Point two: slim flu
Summer is a season of traveling light, so dress, wearing a watch, too. Compared to heavy big man who, a slim, lightweight watch more suitable for ladies summer wear. Note here that are slim, but not ultra-thin, ultra-thin sheet generally dress with belt styles are mostly frequent in summer outdoor sports but some inappropriate. Therefore, the choice of lightweight, slim watch it, at least make you feel fresh and visually a lot.

Highlights three: sports watch

Although the summer is very suitable for sports watch, especially diving watch, but too strong summer sun might watch with luminous function detriment. We know that luminous watch is able to emit light, is due on the watch dial pointer and chemical coating to absorb energy in the light and in the dark shine, but too strong sunlight will accelerate the aging of the coating, to the detriment of the watch .

Highlights Four: Maintenance

Hot and humid summer weather, rain or sweat after a “baptism”, gloss watch case would be jeopardized, accelerate the aging of the case. So the summer wearing a watch but also to careful maintenance, be careful to wipe after wearing the end, especially where there is perspiration stains, if there are other problems, you can give professional maintenance. In addition, if the new table be sure to wear the watch back foil torn, do not think film can slow watches injury, but due to perspiration immersion, foil slit dirt case would produce greater damage.

Mysterious – Armani Watches


Armani Watches crafted from noble metals made ​​extraordinary and lined with exotic dazzling jewels and priceless bracelet and thus serves the same purpose, called fine jewelry in the real model. Moreover, the strain of lush plants or animals designed as a stunning dial shape, both to add a touch of mystery brand creative, but also contains a tasteful in the works.

Armani watches exudes masculinity


Watch has gone beyond the role of mere indication of time, successfully upgraded to fashion props, it is not only able to demonstrate the value of a person’s life, is also known for “man of taste” of a single product. A good watch can reveal the man’s taste, so when the need for men to wear watches carefully chosen. How to highlight the ways men temperament and charm by maximizing the ingenious to watch.


◇ design soft Armani watches – European style
Ceramic material will make you feel a sense of touch of cold metal-like, but this use of cutting-edge technology made ​​of ceramic watch was recently elected is to show the unique charm of indispensable men single product. Simple design without cumbersome absolutely can attract people’s attention.

Armani watches exudes masculinity
On the basis of the vertical collar motorcycle jacket and shirt on if men want to add some taste, it is better to select a surface with a large watch, it will make you instantly transformed into a man. Compared to metal watches, watches carefully crafted using leather on a black canvas material better interpretation of the natural style. Stainless steel body and leather strap with matching jacket in dark colors more highlights masculinity.

A true taste of people attend every occasion, carefully selected for the occasion will watch, because it not only symbolizes the status of the owner, but also shows the owner’s taste. Optional clothing matched the watch, not only can show the watch itself is gorgeous and delicate clothing, can help increase people’s confidence and temperament. A man wearing a watch with a person not wearing a watch stand together, are two completely different concepts of man; while a table with people who will not be with a man with a watch, it is two different tastes of people. So watch the equivalent of a person’s another card.

armani watches not only symbolizes the status of the owner, but also shows the owner’s taste.


Many successful business men before attending important occasions, appropriate for the occasion will be carefully selected watch, because it not only symbolizes the status of the owner, but also shows the owner’s taste. Business, leisure, social and workplace, wear a watch brand, style,price, have a very detailed attention.

Daily-wear Armani watches: simple and elegant

Ultra-thin watches as thin as paper and gentle and generous, suitable for daily work wear and dress with the emergence of this kind of watches and winter clothing velvet fabric is also very good match.

Business establishments wearing Armani watches: low-key luxury

For low-key yet domineering wise steel table, it can be used to match business suits. Such steel watch with wild benefits, in addition to attending formal wear business negotiation, but with the plaid jacket with does not seem too exaggerated. In addition, some new men’s stainless steel watch with a leather strap can be replaced, it can be worn in casual occasions.
Travel wear Armani watches: time zone watch

Simple two time indication is that many business people often go abroad office desired. Ingenious mechanical design allows the clock can be tuned individually, only need to press two buttons on the left side of the case, you can quickly and easily adjust the front and rear independent central hour hand indicates local time. Different time zone figures showing the different symbols, and some representatives of business, and some representatives of lovers, some merely represent a foreign trip ……

Sports wear Armani watches: fashionable

Classic chronograph quartz watch fashion sports series might well have become a sought after fashion movement of people watch, and represents the strength and precision.

Social wearing Armani watches: jeweled

Stylish yet classic, superior without significant impetuous, is beloved darling of social choice.
Whatever which uk armani watches you choose, you need to remember that “prudent” man is the most popular. choose A suit armani watch will help you become “core focus.” in the social occasions.